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Do you need a sworn translation? A multilingual project? Appealing texts to boost your sales?

Do you need a
sworn translation?

A multilingual project?

Appealing texts
to boost your sales?

[ NO PROBLEM ] We speak the same language
Elena Miguel, Sworn Translation

I am a professional freelance sworn translator with more than 20 years' experience

/ I am passionate about languages - more than 20 years ago I decided to transform my vision that languages can represent a challenge and not a problem into a reality /

This is how my project came to be, with the mission of serving as a single point of contact to help my clients resolve all their communication needs.


English, French, Arabic, Spanish, German or any other language

/ Leave it in my hands /

Together with my extensive network of collaborators, I can free up your company's resources so you can assign them to tasks you know how to do best; we will take care of everything else. We will be delighted to find the most suitable professionals for you and your project.

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Do you want your products to communicate the same thing in other languages?
/ I want to be your external language department /

Sworn translation of birth, marriage or immigration certificates, court rulings… without risks and with the maximum guarantee of professionalism

Leaflets, product presentations, press releases, company documentation; communicate perfectly in any language as if it were your own

Contracts, insurance policies, payrolls, lawsuits… When every word counts, trust the professionals

Business reports, annual accounts, bank documentation, audits… These are highly specialized texts that must be translated with precision

Websites for hotels, wineries, restaurants, menus, tasting sheets, tourist brochures… We speak your customers’ language

User manuals, instructions, export certificates, patents… These texts require great precision and specialized knowledge

No one knows your company like you do and no one will look after your words like we do. You provide the substance in your message; we give it form

Appealing texts sell and we know how to make your texts sell. We put words at the service of your message

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