Certified translation

A certified or certified translation is an official translation that is legally valid, certifying that the content of both documents (original and translation) is completely consistent. Certified translations are normally required by the administration when a document has been issued in another language in order for that document to be valid in any proceedings before government agencies.

Certified translations can only be carried out by certified translators-interpreters appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are official in Spain without any requirement for legalisation of documents or similar formality.

Certified translations are presented on paper and must bear the stamp and signature of the certified translator-interpreter as required by existing legislation; hence, these are valid official documents with the same legal validity as the originals.

This is a very special type of translation with its own technical and methodological rules and may be required in any field, not just in the legal sphere, since certified translations of, for example, patents, academic qualifications or accreditations are relatively common.